Friday, January 11, 2008

5 Tips Before Buying a Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame is the "high tech" way of displaying your pictures. Owning a digital camera or a phone with a camera is common nowadays, and with that resource people often take as much pictures as they can afford or care to print. A digital photo frame is a good solution for a cost effective way of displaying these life stills. Its main purpose is to display the pictures stored from various memory cards, either from your camera, phone or on its built in memory. There are diverse types of digital frames available in the market today each differs in features, quality and cost. Below are the 5 important factors to consider before getting one for yourself:

1. How large is large and how small is small? Decide on what size of viewing screen you prefer. It can vary from 1 or 2 inches digital photo keychain sized up to 19 inches wide TV-like frames. The bigger the screen the bigger it will cost you. The average size is at least 7 inches which can display the popular 4X6 sized images.

2. Quality matters. The quality of the image being displayed is a factor to be considered. The main purpose of a digital photo frame is to display images, owners should be satisfied on how the image was displayed. Three quality related factors to be considered are pixel, resolution and display area. The bigger the screen, the higher resolution it needs to get the desired image. Other points to consider for quality are the options for adjusting brightness, color accuracy and viewing angle.

3. Is the price right? Different brands and product specifications give rise to diverse price range for digital photo frames so you need to set a particular range on how much are you willing to spend.

4. Worthy add-ons. Most digital photo frames offers additional features to ease the usage of this gadget. Each have different capacity on the photos that can be displayed, some even have the multiple display capacity via slide show. Others have timers, clock, or can even play music and videos. Some brands change the picture orientation, re-size pictures to fit screen, have zoom capability or even allows image manipulation. The more sophisticated it gets, the more it will cost you.

5. Technically Equipped. Buyers should also take note of the technical aspects of the product. Below are the three guide questions that they need to figure out.

1. What types of image files are supported? 2. Where will be the images stored, from external memory cards or on built in memory? If its from a built in memory, is it expandable? 3. If it supports music and/or videos, what file types are supported? 4. Is there a USB port, wi-Fi or Ethernet connection? What are the other ways to transfer files? 5. What is the power source? Is it battery operated or from AC power.

When choosing a digital photo frame, do not just base your selection on cute graphic design or color. It will cost you money so might as well be smart and choose well and make this a good investment.

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