Monday, March 3, 2008

How to record audio to MP3 Files

VCRs have been taking care of video recordings for decades, allowing you to capture a TV show to watch it later. But what if you want to do the same with audio? No matter what type of audio you'd like to listen to later, you would need a dedicated audio recording unit, maybe a tape recorder they've been making for years, right? Not really! Today, you can use your computer to record audio and play it back later at any time. All you need is a microphone and a small software utility. Let's clear out the microphone issue first. If you're serious about the quality of your recording, you'll need a studio microphone no question. But if you just need to capture a lecturer's voice or someone's presentation at a conference, a built-in laptop mic will do fine for the purpose. You already have it in your laptop, so why bother with tape recorders at all?
The other thing you need for the recording to commence is a sound recording program for your computer. Windows has a built-in tool called Sound Recorder. Just run it once to see if you are comfortable with the Spartan interface and severe limitations to the length and size of recording. Windows Sound Recorder is a great tool to check your mic settings, and nothing else. Fortunately, you are no longer limited to Microsoft products when it comes to audio recording. EZSoftMagic Audio Recorder Pro available at is a perfect example of how easily your computer can be turned into a powerful sound recording studio with minimum commitment.
EZSoftmagic Audio Recorder Pro enables you to record high-quality or low-bitrate audio directly into MP3 or OGG-compressed sound files. In fact, you can record to about any audio format you've ever heard of, but these two are the most popular today. Unlike similar tools, EZSoftmagic Audio Recorder Pro does not save the recorded audio into temporary files on your hard disk in order to compress them later. Instead, it goes as far as compressing the recorded audio on-the-fly, and writes compressed sound directly into the specified format. Supporting MP3, WAV, and OGG and formats natively, EZSoftmagic Audio Recorder Pro can record anything from high-bitrate, CD-quality music to low-bitrate audio streams that are perfect for the Internet.
Back to that radio show that you wished to record, EZSoftmagic Audio Recorder Pro is the perfect one for that purpose. Turning your PC into a VCR of a kind, EZSoftmagic Audio Recorder Pro can be programmed to capture your favorite show at certain time even easier than a typical VCR. With an abundance of options and features, EZSoftmagic Audio Recorder Pro is able to produce cleanest sound that takes almost no space on your hard disk, ready to be downloaded into your portable MP3 player and listened to on the go.
Do you still hold on to the collection of vinyl or tape records? You can digitize them easily for convenient access and unique portability, playing your old records on the computer, in a car, or in a portable MP3 player. Give your old recordings a new life with EZSoftmagic Audio Recorder Pro! The product produces the highest quality sound automatically.
Visiting a conference or attending lectures with parallel sections? Don't miss a single speech with EZSoftmagic Audio Recorder Pro! Just leave your laptop in a conference room with EZSoftmagic Audio Recorder Pro scheduled to start recording when the lecture begins, or better yet, let it sense the voice and start recording automatically! The advanced Voice Activation feature detects when somebody is talking, and activates the recording while automatically pausing to get rid of silence.
Please visit and download EZSoftmagic Audio Recorder Pro for free.
About the Author: EZ SoftMAgic ( is a software development team committed to providing quality and easy audio software solutions. Founded in 2002, and specialized in the audio tools.

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