Monday, March 3, 2008

How to recover data after trash bin has been emptied?

Trash Bin, in Mac, is a folder that contains the file that is deleted by pressing Del key. This is same like the Recycle Bin folder found in Windows. When, you delete any unwanted file with the help of Del key, the files really doesn’t delete. It simply moves to trash bin and you can restore it by using restore option whenever you need for this. It is a very good option in user’s hand to restore accidentally deleted files.Sometimes, user thinks that the particular file is no longer usable and deletes the file with key combination- Cmd + Del or by emptying the trash bin folder. This may also happen accidentally or unknowingly. In both these case, the deleted file bypasses the trash bin folder and user does not find it in computer. Sometimes, mostly in case of accidental deletion, we need for these files for further use. In these cases, we can’t restore them in general and it may cause data loss. It is the most general form of data loss. But this problem is not incurable. The data recovery is possible to recover these lost data with the help of advance Mac data recovery software.Mac Data Recovery software are the application software that can recovery the accidentally deleted data from Mac OS X drive. These software use advanced searching algorithms to search the lost data and display the search result in easy to understand Tree format. In this tree, you can select the required data and can save them to their original location or you may specify your own location.There is a wide range of Mac Data Recovery software is available. Among these data recovery mac software, Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery is wonderful and robust data recovery software. This software provides a simple and cool user interface and fast recovery of lost data in Mac operating system. You can recovery data after your trash has been emptying by following these simple steps:1. Run the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software and open the volume by double clicking from which you want to recover the lost data. 2. It will open a new pop-up window with three different options. Select ‘Scan Volume’ from them. 3. It will further open a new window with three scan options. Select ‘Deleted File Scan’ option. 4. The scan will start and generate a tree to deleted files. 5. Just select the required file and select the ‘Recover File’ option from the menu bar. The item will be recovered. In this way, by using this Mac Data Recovery software, you can recover you lost Mac files very easily. There is no need of any prior technical knowledge to do this.

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