Wednesday, June 4, 2008

8 Most Serious Problems of Windows Vista

Microsoft launches its' most advanced operating system - Windows Vista since 2007, unfortunately it also introduced many problems for the users, expected to rectify most of them in SP1.

Here are the 8 most serious problems encountered:

Problem #1 - Slowed file transfer and download.Vista will take advantage of gigabit network and able to transfer files between them very fast. However, it failed to optimize speed on a slower network and local hard disks.

Problem #2 - Slow Internet connection.Vista will be automatic optimize any network connection using TCP protocol. But for some reasons it just slows down.

Problem #3 - Slow Boot Up.Too many drivers and background services slow down Vista boot up time.

Problem #4 - Slow Logon.Not only boot time, even when logon screen appear, it might freeze for some time before user can logon.

Problem #5 - Windows mail stuck.Windows mail replaced outlook express in XP, but many reported failed email will stuck and blocked further mail send out.

Problem #6 - Slow P2P connection.For some reasons, Microsoft has limited P2P networking since XP SP2, you need some "hack" to maximize P2P connection.

Problem #7 - Hardware compatibility.Many hardware's driver is not supporting Vista, expected to gain more support on SP1.

Problem #8 - Failed to sleep.Many upgraded Vista on older hardware failed to sleep or wake up properly.Lots of fixes released by enthusiast to counter the problems long before SP1 is available, and those fixes simply just disable some of the new and immature features! However, it works like charm! In my next series of articles, I will discuss about each problem and the method to "repair" them.

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