Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Computer Printers – Types of computer printers

A computer printer is a device or an instrument that must be connected to a computer which allows users to print text and graphics on the plain papers. In some case they can be directly connected to digital camera for printing pictures without connecting to any computer.

Computer printer is one of the essential hardware, whether it is for a large company or for personal use. The usage of printer is depend upon the requirement of the company or individual person. For a big company they might print lots of paper or documents where as an individual need seldom.

There are different types and models of printers. The most commonly used computer printers are

1. Inkjet Pinter

2. Laser Printer

3. Plotters Printer

4. Dot-matrix Printer and

5. Thermal Printer

Inkjet Printer: - Inkjet printers one of the user friendly computer printers. It works by propelling variably-sized droplets of liquid or molten material (ink) onto almost any medium. They are the most common type of printer for the general consumer due to their low cost, high quality of output, capability of printing in glowing color, and easy to use and handle.

Laser Printer: - Laser printer uses LED-technology to obtain small particles of toner from a cartridge onto paper. They produce high quality text and graphics on plain paper. They are generally more economical to use than the ink of inkjet printers.

Plotters Printer: - Plotters printer are very different from others printers. Unlike other printer Pen Plotters print by moving a pen across the surface of a piece of paper. Plotters printer is the best way to produce color high-resolution vector-based artwork, or very large drawings efficiently.

Dot-matrix Printer: - This printer is some how like typewriting. They create characters by striking pins against an ink ribbon. Each pin makes a dot, and combinations of dots form characters and illustrations. The printing involves mechanical pressure, so these printers can create carbon copies and carbonless copies as well.

Thermal Printer: - Thermal printer is an inexpensive printer that works by pushing heated pins against heat-sensitive paper. Thermal printers are generally used in calculators and fax machines. Thermal printers print faster and more quietly than dot matrix printers. They are also more economical since their only consumable is the paper itself.

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