Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Top 10 Fun Creative Ideas for Kids- Put Your Old Printer to Use and Keep Kids Busy

If you have kids at home then don’t dispose off your old printer in a hurry.

Just because you have got yourself a brand new printer with many advanced features does not mean that your old printer is of no use. You can still use it to create interesting projects for your kids which will keep them busy.

Make a Scrapbook
Let your kids make a scrapbook by downloading dome good scrapbook designs from the internet and printing them with your old printer. Your kids can also look for ways to decorate them and then start adding their favorite family pictures and moments. This hobby once developed, can even continue into adulthood and is a nice one to have.

Make labels and stickers
Get plain label sheets to print the labels on and let your kids go creative as they come up with various designs and ideas for labels and stickers that they can use on their notebooks, their CDs, their bags, and various such other items.

Design Clothes
Get some iron-on paper for your kids and let them create designs which they can print on their t-shirts, bags, cushions, and other fabric. It is a great way to let them develop their creativity and express their individuality.

Make invitation cards
If your kids want to have a party, let them design their invitation cards themselves and then print them out using your old printer. They can add personalized touches to the card by adding their photos.Create bookmarksIt is a good idea to let your kids enhance their creativity while making something as simple as a bookmark. Their personally designed bookmark will be unique and will stand out.

Make Playing cards
You can easily find designs for playing cards on the internet, or you can let your kid come up with his or her own designs. Then print them out on hard paper and you have a custom playing cards set ready.

Make a calendar
You can use your printer and ink cartridges to help your child make a calendar using his or her favorite family pictures and moments. You can have different pictures for each month or simply use the same one for different months.

Make personalized gifts
Nothing can say how much you care than personalized gifts. Your kids can use the printer to create personalized gifts for family and friends. A self written poem printed on a paper and decorated nicely makes for an excellent gift for Moms.

Make a mask
You can let your kids design various masks for fun and decoration. They can get templates from the internet and then add their own personal touches to them. Print them out, make the required holes in them and let the kids play with them.

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