Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Top 10 Tips and Ideas for How to Make an Ink Cartridge Last Longer

Do you want to save money on expensive ink cartridges for your printer?

Then you need to follow some smart tips that can help your ink cartridge last longer.Ink cartridges can be expensive

If you have been buying lot of office equipment and printer accessories, you may have noticed that inkjet printer cartridges cost you a good deal of money.There cannot be any compromise on ink cartridge refill or replacing ink cartridges itself owing to the large amount of printing work that needs to be done constantly at your office. To make it more economical and affordable, you need to follow a few strategies that can help you curb your monthly expenditure on buying ink cartridges for regular use.Top 10 tips to effectively utilize your printer cartridge to last longer

1. Determine your printing purposeBefore you start printing any particular portion of text or graphics, decide its relevance and usefulness so that you do not unnecessarily spend time in printing things that may not be of much use.

2. Avoid extreme temperaturesHigh variations in temperature can easily affect printer ink cartridges. Hence, make sure that they are not exposed to extreme heat or cold conditions to ensure a lasting performance.

3. Use color printing as and when neededIf you want your refilled ink to run longer, then make use of color printing only when required. Otherwise, for general and regular use, it is wiser to use black and white printing that helps in saving your money on buying additional refills.

4. Choose the correct printer settingsIn case you have documents that are not been used for presentation purpose, then a draft printer setting should serve the purpose for all general documents.

5. Regular use of the printerIt is necessary that you use the printer on a regular basis so that there is lesser chance of the printer ink drying up easily. Just try printing some small portion of text every time.

6. Printing text over graphicsIf you are printing documents only for the sake of plain reference, you can print only the essential text and the matter that is required. Avoid printing images or colorful graphics if it does not serve the purpose.

7. Use Print preview more oftenPrint preview function is a useful feature that can help you in giving a preview of how the document will look like after been printed. It can help you adjust spaces and organizing things together before getting the final output.

8. Stopping the printer in working modeNever stop the printer in between until it has completed the task, as the cartridge could be still moving. This will force the printer head to stop at a particular place where you stopped the process and may cause ink leakage too.

9. Installing a good softwareLot of ink saving software is available online which can be used for reducing the consumption of printer ink. Some of them consume less ink even when used for high resolution printing purposes.

10. Do not shut off the printer every timeIf you are using the printer frequently, avoid shutting it fully until you have completed your work. Otherwise, it may unnecessarily cause your printer ink to dry up in the process as everytime you turn it on, a small amount of ink is utilized.

By following such small yet effective tips, you can ensure that your refilled ink cartridge lasts longer.

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