Thursday, September 11, 2008

Add a subtitle to a youtube movie with Windows movie maker

Uploading your home made movies or even professional productions to youtube is becoming everyone favourite past time. What a great way to share your videos and home movies.
You can upload a video to youtube and make it private or public.

I found myself addicted to youtube and started to make short computer tutorials to upload. I wanted to use the youtube videos to get people to go to my websites and so I decided to put a simple subtitle at the start of the movie. When I say simple, I mean very simple! As you will see in the video below, I use Windows movie maker to edit the video.

Windows movie maker is a program that comes with Windows XP and I had never realized how easy it was to use. A great program right under my nose the entire time.

I made my little video tutorials with the free screen recorder called Cam studio. After that I simply imported the video into Windows movie maker and added the subtitles there.

As you will see, your subtitles can say anything you like. You can change the font, color, effects, and more on you subtitle. Maybe you should do an experiment of your own.

I know my movies are not professional but I think the subtitle makes it look a little bit better anyway.

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