Thursday, September 18, 2008

Recover deleted files, photos, documents from the recycle bin or your camera card

Not only can you recover deleted files, photos, documents from the recycle bin or your camera card, but you can recover from any hard drive or storage card. Luckily, when you delete a picture or any file from your computer, Windows just marks it as deleted but doesn't actually delete the file at all. The space where the file is will be treated as free space until another file comes along and overwrites it.

Defragging your computer moves files around and therefore overwrites on any empty space that is available. So if you want to recover a file I do not recommend that you dafrag first. Also formatting your hard drive wipes your computer of all data so this will also diminish the chances of file recovery.

I had accidentally deleted some family photos and was devastated until I found a free program that recovered my photos for free. Its called Recuva and its made by the same guys that made Ccleaner. Go here to see this article A free program to recover (Recuva) and restore accidentally deleted pictures, photos, and files It explains a bit more about this program.

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Also watch the video below showing how to recover photos, files, documents, or anything really. It also shows you that there is an option to recover deleted photos from your digital camera storage card. This program is just unbelievable!

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