Thursday, October 9, 2008

Download and convert Youtube videos to play on your computer, ipod, dvd player, or mobile phone.

There are a few different ways that you can download a youtube video, however before doing so you must research the copyright law in your country. I always stick to the old music clips and funny homemade videos. This keeps me from breaching any copyright laws in my country.

One popular way to download a youtube video is to simply go to a website that downloads and converts the video for you. They have suddenly poped up all over the interent so it is not hard to find one when searching. I have tried and found it very easy to use.

How to download a youtube video at the website
  • Copy the URL in the address bar when you’re viewing the video, and paste it to the text box at the top of this page
  • Click 'Download'.
  • You will see a 'Download this video from ...' link. Right click on it and select 'Save as ...' from the menu.
  • Some of the providers (like Youtube) do not provide you with the real name of the video file. So you will have to rename the file before or after saving. You’ll have to change the extension to FLV too.

If you go there and give it a go.. This is the best way to learn.

Download and convert Youtube videos to play on your computer, ipod, dvd player, or mobile phone with a free program.

Watch this video below to see how to download and convert youtube video and save it to your computer. You will need to download a free program called any video converter. See where to download the free program and how to Download and convert Youtube videos to your computer to save here. I like using this program because all I need is the URL of the youtube video and the program does the rest.


  1. Very good source, I use the flash downloader which is also free and easy to do.

  2. There are so many programs out there now.. I just have this program because I use it for other things as well.. It converts any avi to dvd or mpeg to play in your dvd player..

  3. VideoGet. It downloads from YouTube, GoogleVideo, MetaCafe, MySpase, Photobucket and other 600+ video websites.
    Full List of supported videos websites:

    VideoGet also providing you with ability to convert each video in most popular formats for more comfortable video playback. VideoGet supports AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MP3 file formats, so you will be able not only to view it, but also put it into your iPod, mobile phone or any other portable device. One-click-download-convert. Plugins for Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox browser


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