Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to put a link, logo, or picture into an Outlook email signature

If you want to put your name, phone number, or address in your email signature in Outlook Express this is extremely easy because it is just text that you write. Even a link to your website is easy as you just write the url and it will become a link automatically. For example you can write http://www.101pctips.com/ to make a link.

If you want to put a picture or logo in your Outlook express email signature it is a bit more difficult as you have to create a html file with the details in it.
I reccomend you read Logo in email signature and then watch this video tutorial. It shows you how to write html to link your logo or picture that is stored on the internet.

Putting a logo or picture in your email signature in Outlook express can be a great advertising tool for your business or website.

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