Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When I connect my digital camera to my computer, where is the automatic scanner and camera wizard?

Everyone wants to know how to use the automatic scanner and camera wizard and they would really like to know where it is? What happens when you plug your digital camera into your computer and nothing happens. If you are lucky you will here the ding noise when you connect the camera, but sometimes that's it.
Why doesn't the scanner and camera wizard just open automatically when the camera is plugged into your computer? How do you make the scanner and camera wizard open automatically? These are just a sample of questions that I get emailed to me everyday!

My theory is that if you hear a noise when you connect your digital camera to your computer, then that is a good sign. It means that the computer has recognized your device and knows it's there. The next step is to transfers photos from your digital camera to your computer. This is usually done with the automatic scanner and camera wizard.

Here's how to open the scanner and camera wizard:
  1. Go to the start menu and choose my computer from there.
  2. If your camera is connected and is turned on there will be an icon there.
  3. Right click on the digital camera icon and choose get pictures from the menu.
  4. This will start the automatic scanner and camera wizard.

You can also make the automatic scanner and camera wizard start when you connect your digital camera. It will even transfer photos to your my picture folder and put them in another folder with the date as the name. For more details watch this video on how to use the scanner and camera wizard. Also see this other popular article about the Scanner and Camera Wizard.


  1. Wonderful information about connecting digital camera to PC...

  2. my camera is connected properly, but a box comes up saying there are no pictures on my camera, when in fact there is 200. There is a memory card in the camera with these pics on it. This has never happened before.

  3. i dont think u know my issue nor have u had one of mine there is nothing relating to a camera it doesnt have my manufacture which makes everything impossible then when i click on it it says this is not avilable or its not connect ut there is an icon but its not the right one and i cant change it cuz it doesnt have my manufacturer a canon wth this is pissing me offffff


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