Sunday, November 2, 2008

Insert a html link to a website or picture in your Ebay auction listing

Warning: You cannot put just any html link in an Ebay auction listing. Please see Ebays policy for inserting links into your actions.

After you are clear and up to date with Ebays rules, you may possibly find a way to put a link to your website to drive traffic to your site. Trust me you do can alot of traffic from Ebay so it is worth the effort.

A few ways you may be able to link to your website:
  • Link to a product specification page. This should show your customers more details of the product that they wish to buy. It cannot steal the sale from Ebay.
  • You can freely put any link you like in your about me page and then put links to your about me page in your action listing. Steer them there...
  • Link to a postage prices page that could be on your website. I do not know the specific rules for this, however this is how I linked to my website. People are curious, and always wanted to check out the rest of the website.

It is very simple to add a html link to a website or a picture as Ebay has an option to enter html code into your listing. When creating an Ebay auction listing there will be a standard tab and a html tab. Therefore the standard tab show exactly what you see and the html tab will show the html code that makes it look like that.

Watch this video to see how to insert a link into your Ebay auction listing.

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