Monday, June 8, 2009

Can Twitter help you promote a website?

At first when I saw Twitter, I had no idea what it was for or what you did there. When the penny finally dropped I was shocked at how fast it can make a difference. Twitter can really help you promote a website.

I started by tweeting about my latest posts, but then I realised if no one was following me then my tweets were falling on deaf ears. This is when I decided to follow as many people as I could that fell into the same niche as me and just hope that some of them would follow me back. Well they did. Probably 15% of people follow you back.

Because I had chosen people that were interested in the same thing as me (computers), I started to get direct messages from them wanting to network with me. I am very excited about Twitter and always welcome new followers...


  1. yes i using twitter and it is doing good...

  2. im using twitter but not active, cause im not understood yet with twitter, so cah u share how to use it

  3. may be, depending on the user's own twiter


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