Monday, October 12, 2009

Aiptek hd 720p HD100 pro video pocket dv camera review

Yes I did buy a Aiptek hd 720p HD100 pro video pocket dv camera because it was on special at Kmart for $99.00. Anyway I am going to give you an honest review so be prepared.

My impressions of the Aiptek hd 720p HD100 pro video pocket dv camera:
  1. The first thing that came to my mind was "OMG it is so small!!" It was so small and cute and as light as a feather.
  2. The next thing I noticed about the Aiptek 720p camera is that it feels and looks like a toy. It doesn't appear to be well made or solid.
  3. It wasn't easy to flip the screen out because it clips to the camera in an odd way... I thought I might break it each time I wanted to flip it out..But it's fine so far.
  4. Installing the SD card was easy but when you want to get it out it is a bit harder. It springs out, but not far enough and you need to get a grip on it to get it out.
  5. I had a few problems hooking up the camera to the computer as it did not behave like normal cameras. It did not show up in My computer as being connected. I was looking for a Aiptek icon but found nothing. Later I found out that you need to have photos or video on the Aiptek pocket dv camera to be able to get them off.
  6. When I tried to record video footage, I couldn't seem to hold the camera still enough because it is so light in your hand.
  7. The camera records in h.264 which I have never used before. The quality of the video wasn't that great. Lets just say that I am glad I didn't buy it for myself. (Its for my daughters 11th birthday)
  8. When taking a photo, it takes reasonable pictures, however again you have to keep the camera very still..Otherwise you get a fuzzy picture.
  9. It is also a Mp3 player with a headphone jack but who wants to carry that around to listen to music when a Mp3 player is so much smaller.
  10. The screen is soo cute.
  11. Its hard to know where to put your hands on the camera because it is so small.
My overall review of the Aiptek hd 720p HD100 pro camera is that it is for fun only. Not a serious gadget, but a handy small toy to have around. It could possibly be ok to make youtube videos but if you were serious about being professional you would steer clear of this video camera.

I think it is great for kids to have fun with and be creative. Also you can't argue with the price.

Aiptek A-HD 720P 8 MP CMOS High-Definition Camcorder (Black)

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