Friday, October 16, 2009

Can a virus damage your computer hardware component?

Good question? Can a virus damage a piece of hardware on your computer? Well of course it can! A virus is a small software program that has been developed  to do damage to your computer files. But all computer components are controlled by some type of software.

What if I made a virus (a small software program) that started everytime you logged into your computer, that searched your comuter for a particular file non stop. And what if that virus replicated itself over and over. A good example would be to do this to a Windows Vista computer. It has a service called Superfetch. All I would have to do is enable this service, manipulate it to search non stop, make it think every file is important, and bob's your uncle? Superfetch already thrashes peoples hard drives, image if you had a virus telling it to do more...

A similar example, but an old one, was to speed up the read speed on a cd rom. This would cause it to overheat and die. We have securtity measures in place to combat this type of attack now, but hey, nothings fool proof.

I found this discussion
and thought that the posts here were very interesting. As far as I am concerned you should never say never. How do you know that a virus cannot damage your hardware. The people in this discussion seem to know it all.

Can anyone see my point here?

What is your opinion on this subject? Can a virus damage your computers hardware components?


  1. it is true a virus can harm all your computer hardware devices from monitor to motherboard. It can be increase your computer frequency also.

  2. Talk, talk, talk. Any proof?

  3. Interesting topic,

    Dont think you would be able to do that to a CD or DVD ROM as its configurations are built in to the device and your pc just selects the pre-set configurations.

    If the virus is used to replicate and run applicationsit will just cause the PC to crash and restart. safe mode normally stops start up virus' from running and if not there is always safe mode with cmd prompt.

    you could at the most ruin the HDD if you could get the virus to creat a lot of files at can auto corrupt or be locked and fill the HDD but that can be fixed by re-installing the OS.

    So not really possible to ruin Hardware with a virus. Not impossible as we don't know if it can or cant but very unlikely.


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