Thursday, January 28, 2010

Burning music CD's - tips and tricks

Back in ancient days, making a mix tape for a girl was the ultimate way to show you cared. The sweet sounds of an Air Supply ballad would let the apple of your eye know you are always thinking about them. If you were to try that in the present time, they'd look at you like you were handing them a bomb or something. Not many people utilize the cassette tape so burning CD's is the new mix tape. Besides picking a better song than Air Supply, there are some things to consider when burning CD's.

You may notice that CD's hold up to 700 MB of data but that can be misleading. If you are burning the songs as data, than you can fit many more songs to a CD. If you are burning CD's to listen to in your radio, you can only fit around 150 MB or 70 minutes of songs. Burning CD's is a relatively simple task with the computer programs that often come standard with a new computer. It is important when burning CD's to buy discs that are labeled CD-RW. These discs are re-writeable as opposed to CD-R, which are recordable.
Burning CD's can be the first step in a long life of love, as long as you take the proper steps.

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