Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dell Studio 1555 15.6-Inch Chainlink Black Laptop

I love this laptop. I wanted to get a laptop for school, and shopped around a little bit, I almost got a dell insperon, but Dell was having a sale, and this computer was $100.00 off! So I bought it, and I love it.


The 15.6 inch screen is really nice, you can see a lot, and 720p resolution is actually really good looking on this laptop. I like the glossy screen, but if you are sitting next to a window there might be too much glare.
The HDMI output is a very nice feature because you can hook your computer to your TV and watch movies, or play games.

I dont know if the one on amazon has the included backlit keyboard, but it is a very nice feature. The keys are very hard to see in the dark without it.
It is really fast with 4 gigs of ram, it can convert movies to another format in an hour with the 2.2GHz dual core processor.

This laptop gets warm when you use it, but I have never had it get too hot. It has good battery life. I have gotten 5 and a half hours out of it just surfing the web, and I have watched 2 movies back to back on an airplane, the movies were not dvds (I copied the dvds to my computer beforehand because the optical drive takes a lot of power).
Overall I would recommend this laptop. This was my first laptop of my own, and I am really happy with it.
- Truly gorgeous and bright screen.

- Laptop's cheese-wedge-shaped design is great because there's not a large "ledge"

- Good performance, comes with good video card and supports up to 8 GB RAM. I do a lot of 3D modeling and this has made my life so much easier compared to my old machine.

- Second headphone jack makes it perfect for watching DVDs with your buddy while you're stuck in Afghanistan

- Windows 7 works like a champ and looks great

- Facial recognition software (FastAccess) makes login fast, easy, somewhat fun (not sure if Amazon config has this)

- Attractive design, battery has good life but doesn't stuck out like the badonkadonk my wife's HP.

- Laptop speakers that don't suck. Awesome. Also convenient, responsive media controls.

- Quiet keyboard. Not sure if this config has the backlit version, but if so you are in for a treat. Very nifty and useful in low light.

- Easy 1-door access panel on bottom for upgrade action

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