Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts to launch applications

No matter what your data entry needs may be, repetitive keyboard strokes of the same kind can drive a person insane. In order to save time and prevent flying to the cuckoo's nest, it is a wise idea to install keyboard shortcuts. A keyboard shortcut can be utilized to make monotonous, repetitive strokes into a simple push of a button.

Keyboard shortcuts can be used to launch applications, run commands, or simplify games. Depending on the different programs used, there are a number of ways to define the keyboard shortcuts. In gaming or word processing software, keyboard shortcuts can be associated with the mouse. If you use an up, right, left to fire the super cannon, keyboard shortcuts can minimize that to hitting one button. Programs also have Auto Hot Keys that can be set up to perform standard operations. Holding Control and B will change font size to bold, control I for italic and so on. It is a time saving as well as ergonomically safe idea to get familiarized with keyboard shortcuts. Not only will your wrists thank you, so will your fellow gamer trapped behind enemy lines.

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