Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Format Windows – How to delete a partition on a hard drive

When you format with a Windows Cd it is always best to start fresh. If it is a new computer then you will have to create a partition, however if it already has windows on the hard drive, you will have to delete it. To delete the previous copy of windows you will need to delete the partition on your hard drive where it is stored.

This will mean that you will loose all the information and data that was previously on that section of the hard drive. Obviously you should backup your important data.

If there is a copy of Windows XP on your computer and you wish to overwrite it you will have to press the escape button when prompted. Do not install Windows XP in another directory unless you know what you are doing. Just overwrite the previous version as you should have backed up your data anyway.

To Delete the partition that windows is on you have to select it by making it blue. Then you can press the letter D on the keyboard. You will have to press the letter L to confirm that you want to delete this partition.

If there is more than one partition with other data on it , you can either leave it there or delete it as well. If you leave it there, create another partition to replace the one you deleted, and install Windows to this one. Therefore the other partition will still have it files intact.


* When you first start deleting partitions it can be a bit scary, however it is not a problem if you have everything backed up anyway.
* You can format any other hard drives or partitions while still in Windows. You cannot format the partition that holds Windows unless you start from scratch with the install cd. Read how to format your spare hard drive.
* I have a 400gb hard drive divided into two 200gb partitions. When I format my computer I only delete the first 200gb partition with Windows on it. All the other data has been backed up onto the second 200gb. Of course I have another backup hard drive just incase the whole thing packs up on me.

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