Monday, October 4, 2010

Two tips to use windows 7

As the Windows 7 is out in to the markets, and if you have bought up a PC with Windows 7 version or have just installed it then here are two great tips to use Windows 7:

1. Problem Steps Recorder-

Many times you get up with computer problems, and you end up taking help of some local Computer expert in all these matters. Definitely its irritating therefore, Windows 7 actually understands your problem and has launched this version with best solutions for your Step recorder problems.

When any of the application under Windows 7 begins working in a misbehaved manner then click on start  type PSR  press enter  click on Start record. After that this process will record all the clicks and key presses, take up your screen grabs, then pack them into one zipped MHTML file and after that it is finished with this work, will e-mail to you. It is really efficacious and easy and swift which actually saves your time from troubleshooting.

2. Burn images-

Now the Microsoft has launched a feature for which people were eagerly waiting. This feature is to burn the ISO images to the CDs and DVDs easily. It could have not been easy as earlier. You just have to double click on to the drive along with the blank disc, and then just click on burn option and you will get your disc being created.

This way you can easily make up the best use of your Windows 7 in a nice manner and will be able to do best possible use of your operating system in bets possible way.

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