Saturday, February 5, 2011

TOSLINK - Audio Connectors To Use When You Connect Your Computer To Your TV

If you can see a HDMI output at the back of your computer, this will carry your computer audio for you. This is an easy way to connect your computer to your TV. this means you will not have to bother with the rest of this article and will not need a TOSLINK audio cable. See the picture below.

If you don't use HDMI, every PC comes with a 1/8-inch (3.5mm) stereo audio output which can be converted to stereo RCA input for your amplifier/stereo-receiver using a $4 cable. For audio with more than 2 channels, you need a special sound card that outputs optical audio (called TOSLINK). Basic USB audio cards that support TOSLINK cost about $30.

Connect Your Apple Computer To Your TV

There's a good chance you chose to buy an Apple computer for its innovative hardware--unfortunately Apple's habit of pioneering hardware makes it difficult to figure out what you have just by looking at your computer. The good news is that Apple hardware is standardized, so you can look up the exact specifications of your hardware on or sometimes in the Mac OS X hardware manager.

How To Find What Video and Audio Hardware You Have In Your Apple Computer

Finding out what video hardware you have is easy--go to and type into the search box the model of your computer plus the year number it was made and the word "specifications". Click on the results page for your model and check the Ports column to see whether you have VGA, DVI, Mini-DVI, Micro-DVI, DisplayPort, or Mini-DisplayPort.
Look in the Audio column to see what audio options you have. Apple computers which support HDMI include the audio signal there. Almost all Apple computers come with a 1/8-inch (3.5mm) headphone jack; many Apple desktop computes also come with optical audio (TOSLINK).
Note, many Apple computers are not fully compatible with parts from PC computers. If you need to buy a part or a cord and there's an official Apple product, we suggest you consider buying that. (Or that you buy regular PC parts for your Apple computer from a place with a good return policy.)

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