Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Write A Heart In Facebook

I like to text message people because I have some friends who are really horrible at conversation, in fact even when they call me I have to come up with something to talk about.

Texting does have its advantages but you’ve got to remember to be cautious as well. For instance, I sent out a text around Thanksgiving wishing a girl I knew a Happy Turkey Day and I included “<3” which I thought looked like a turkey looking left with the “<” being it’s beak and “3” being the eyes.

The girl I was talking to considered my logo to be a heart instead and showed up unannounced at my family’s holiday. I didn’t have the ‘heart’ to explain my meaning to her because she was so excited and this Thanksgiving will mark our unfortunate and awkward 3-year anniversary.

In web browsers, email programs and other word-processing software, there’s a hidden features to adults known as alternate text. I say hidden to adults because kids seemingly speak in only this language and to them the alternate text is those weird looking things like “Q”, “R”, “W” and other things when put together spell words. On the other hand, writing alternate text does look cool and it’s a great way to gain redemption from your wife when you write, “totally ♥’d your meatloaf last nite.” Unfortunately, you’ll later find out it was supposed to be Salisbury steak but the heart was still a nice touch.

How To Write A Heart In Facebook

To write the heart symbol simply hold down the “Alt” key and press “3.” There are hundreds of other symbols and a chart is available by Google searching “Alt Text Shortcuts.” You can also add a Facebook smiley to your status or Facebook chat.

To do this simply add the code into the status area while pressing the right keyboard shortcut.

write a heart in facebook

Then press the share button to create your heart.

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