Saturday, April 30, 2011

My computer has a black screen

Do you have a Black screen computer problem? If you do have a black screen on your computer it can be very scary at first. It could be a really bad problem or it could be something as easy as leaving a USB stick plugged into your computer. Let's hope that you get the easy way out.

There are so many different types of black screen problems and there are so many different types of solutions to go with it. I will list a few things that might be happening to you:
  1. All the lights on on your computer but all you see is a black screen. You can hear the fan running in the background and it seems like your computer is working, except for you can't see anything.
  2. Your computer tries to load into Windows, and you login to see a black screen.
  3. Your computer does not even load Windows and goes to a black screen and then restarts over and over again.
  4. You start your computer and it looks like it is starting normally but get stuck on a black screen with a flashing cursor and does not go any further.
Of course there are many more different ways to get a black screen on your computer. One of the most common problems is your graphics card. Sometimes it can be as simple as having the wrong screen resolution for a certain monitor that you have plugged into your computer. It's nice when the black screen problem is just a simple one, however often you can be very difficult to fix and sometimes you need new computer parts.

Sometimes to fix boot errors you can buy a post diagnostic card like the one the professionals use that will tell you, most of the time, where the problem lies.

NEW PCI Post Diagnostics Test Card (Controller Cards)This is a very handy piece of hardware to have around if you are into fixing computers. It is often helped me get out of my black screen problem in a matter of minutes.

However if you do not have one of these post diagnostic cards available then here is a number one article on how to troubleshoot a black screen.

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