Tuesday, November 11, 2014

5 free computer maintenance tips

Learning how to perform computer maintenance yourself can save you a lot of stress and avoid a lot of computer problems. I have been fixing computers for more than 25 years and I know that many of the problems that I have seen could have been avoided.

I have been preaching about computer maintenance for years now, but no one would listen to me. Now every one realizes that computer maintenance is very important because we all have a lot more files on our computers. It is not possible to get away with just using your computer without maintaining it.

Computer maintenance video

I also wrote a detailed article to go with this video called computer maintenance tips and tricks. There are no tricks about computer maintenance but there are tips.

What are the benefits of computer maintenance?
The main benefit of computer maintenance is that your computer will run smoothly and a lot faster than it would if he didn't clean it. Really, isn't that what everyone wants?

Five free computer maintenance tips
  1. Store your files that you want to save on an external hard drive from the beginning. This way your computer will not get clogged up.
  2. Stick to a computer maintenance checklist and make sure you do it regularly.
  3. Do not install programs just to try them out because they often get forgotten and left on the computer.
  4. Defrag your hard drive is the most important part of computer maintenance and should not be neglected.
  5. If you are lazy and do not want to do computer maintenance yourself then buy a program.

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