Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Creating a Successful Wordpress Website

Creating a successful Wordpress website is not as hard as you think! In the old days, building a website was a drama and only for the highly technical geek.

Well certain CMS (content management systems) have just made it so simple that a computer illiterate person can now build a million dollar website.

When I first started building Wordpress Websites about 3 years ago, I started out with in depth technical methods. Now I just use Wordpress and it is just like writing a Word document and pressing publish. Of course there is a little bit more to it than that but 90% of the technical aspects have disappeared.

The attitude now days is that "Why waste time on technical design and coding when you can just get on with building a website and filling it with valuable content?"

It took me a long time to convince myself of this..(ha ha, yes i talk to myself), and when I finally did, I felt the burden lift.

If you are thinking about building Wordpress websites for a living or blogging online, do not forget to try Wordpress as it is free and easy! 

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