Monday, May 30, 2011

Tips on Getting Good Deals for Computers and Software While Studying in Australia

Computer needs and support are big issues for any student. If you have just arrived or are planning to study in Australia, you are probably wondering how to get the best deals on your computer hardware and software supplies. Of course, you can get a lot of what you need online. The new Windows 8 Upgrade is available, and a very good option for anyone using a PC. Here is a look at how to get the best deals while you are in Australia. If you are paying retail, it is normally too much. There are many ways to get great deals on anything computers and computer related while you are here.

Whether you want to buy in a store or not, all of the biggest retailers have online stores which you can look at too. If you are ever buying software or hardware while you are in Australia from a retail store, always buy when you are getting a special price. Discount and bargain sales are so regular, if you don’t see a great bargain when you want to buy, just wait a couple of weeks and there will be one somewhere. Simply put, never pay full retail price.

Auction Sites. Unlike many neighbouring countries, Australian auction sites are very reliable. eBay, for example, is heavily protected and looks after the buyer very well. It is a very good place to look for second hand products. You can often find great deals on pre-loved hardware. Get your Australian bank account set up, and set up your PayPal account for eBay, and use PayPal whenever you purchase anything online. It is important to note, software is not protected by the Buyer Protection policy on eBay. If you buy software there, you will buy it at your own risk.

Student Discount. Because you have come to study in Australia, you will be given a student ID card by your school. This will give you many discounts for all kinds of computer related items. The big operating system manufacturer’s, like Windows, offer discounts for students. Many retailers and online stores also offer very large discounts if you have a student card.

Support. While your software and hardware provider will offer you a range of support, if this is insufficient, it is important to know you can pay for monthly local support. These companies are reliable and can even come to you to fix any problem you are having. The larger companies, such as Windows have great support sites based in Australia to help you with any problems you are having.

One of the best things you will find in Australia, is you have excellent consumer rights. You know you are not buying counterfeit products. Piracy and copyright laws are very strict and have severe and costly punishments. Get the most out of your budget by shopping around online, and as a rule, never, ever, pay full retail price.

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