Sunday, May 15, 2011

What do you need to set up a computer network at home?

If you want to set up a home network do it yourself style, it is very easy to you will need a few things to complete this task. Here is a list of things you need to network computers together at home.

1.    The first thing you are going to need is an Internet connection. You need to be connected with an I SP which stands for Internet service provider. I cannot recommend one to you as there are so many different ones available and you will have to do your research yourself. I am in Australia and I am connected through BigPond.

2.    Obviously you are going to need a computer that you want to get an Internet connection for. If you only have one computer you really don't need to network because you can simply just plug the one computer into your modem to get the Internet connection.

3.    If you have two computers in your house and want to connect them to the Internet you can simply connect two computers to one modem. The modem does not have to be a wireless modem because most broadband modems have both a USB port and an Ethernet port at the back. You can easily utilize both of these ports by plugging into different computers.

4.    If you want to connect more than two computers then you will need a router. The router will enable you to connect more computers because it has more ports.

5.    If you have a wireless modem which sends out a wireless signal then you do not need a router. This also allows you to connect any number of computers as long as they can pick up the wireless signal.

6.    Another option is to have an ordinary broadband modem and buy a wireless router. This will gain send out a wireless signal to all the computers in your house.

7.    For each computer to receive the Internet from your modem will or wireless router, you will need a network adapter installed into the computer. I could say that all computers have and Ethernet port and most laptops have an internal wireless network adapter. So if you are using Ethernet cable to connect your network then your computers should be equipped already. But if you are using wireless then you will have to check if the computer has a wireless network adapter.

I hope you understand clearly what you will need to set up your computer home network. Here are more networking tips that are very helpful if you are setting up a home network.

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