Thursday, July 28, 2011

What should you backup when reinstalling Windows?

When you want to reinstall Windows you need to seriously stop and think before doing so. If you rush in and start formatting your computer, you might find yourself left with a clean, newly formatted computer, with all your important files missing.

Everyone likes to reinstall Windows and get a fresh new computer running at lightning speed, however it is not worth risking your precious files and settings for. This is why we need to backup certain files first for even thinking about reinstalling Windows.

I personally have my own list of important files to backup before attempting to format my computer. Of course these files would be different to every different computer user as they will hold certain files with greater importance. For example a photographer would definitely need to backup photos or a student definitely have to backup assignments and schoolwork.

Here are some common files that people should backup before reinstalling Windows:
  1. e-mails
  2. e-mail settings
  3. photos
  4. documents
  5. downloaded programs and files

What can I use to backup my files?
Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard DriveMost people now days, use an external hard drive to backup files to as they are very cheap. You can get a Western Digital My Book Essential 3 TB USB 3.0/2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive for under $130 so there is absolutely no excuse for not backing up your files. You do not even have to spend that much money because you can also get a smaller external hard drive for a lot less money.

If you do not have too many files, you can also use a small USB flash drive to backup your files. Some usb flash drives are quite big now days and fit a lot of files on them.

Many people do not realize that all of your files will be lost when you are reinstalling a new copy of Windows. They think that the only thing that is going to be affected is Windows itself, whereas it actually wipes the whole computer and starts again.

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