Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Installing Social Media Icons on your Wordpress Website

Twitter and Facebook are some of the social networking sites people use to promote their websites. It is the greatest and cheapest form of advertising available for both businesses and websites. This makes it extremely important to install social media buttons on your website, in your emails, and any other place you can.

There are two options when installing social media buttons:
  1. Manually but adding individual code for each button.
  2. By installing a Wordpress Plugin to do it for you.
There are two types of Social media icons
  1. Icons that share your page, tweet, dig, stumble.
  2. Icons that link to your own social media profiles so people can follow you.
Now Google plus also has both a profile button and a Google plus vote button count.

Wordpress Plugins to install social media icons:
  1. Sharebar
  2. Sexybookmarks
  3. Digg Digg
  4. Socialize
  5. WP Socializer
My favorite WP plugin is sharebar and Socialize.

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