Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making money Online

It is now a lot of people's dream to make money online and I have shared how I make money online but if you are not doing it yourself it is still another world away. I know what it was like when I wasn't making money, you did not know who to believe, as there is no history to prove anything.

I am simply building websites to make money online.

Now we are seeing a lot of proof out on the Internet, of people making millions of dollars, normal people like you and me.

If you have a website already and you are wondering why your website is not making money then there could be a few simple answers. One could be that you have chosen the wrong keyword or the wrong niche to start your website in. People do not realize that choosing the wrong niche could make such a difference between success or failure. But let me tell you that it does. If you choose the wrong niche that people are not searching for then you will have no website visitors.

It is just as simple as that. Also if you choose the wrong keyword, you might be getting the wrong customers to your website. For example if you choose the keyword "free computer help" then people coming to your website will want free computer help. If you go for the words "computer repair" this could mean that someone is looking for a computer repair man, or maybe some software to repair their computer. There is a big difference between the two sets of keywords and realizing this only takes experience.

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