Friday, November 25, 2011

Recover deleted picture files from your computer

Have you ever deleted a file accidentally then rushed to the recycle bin to grab it out and restore it. That's a relief when you can get your files back. But what about when the files are not in the recycle bin? Even worse, what if you lost your precious photos from your unforgettable birthday bash?

All panic stations set in and you rush to recover deleted picture files as fast as you can. You just do not even stop to think about what you are doing. In fact in the panic you probably make things worse and probably make it harder to recover your files. I have seen this happen many times as people do not know what they are doing and make the situation worse.

The first thing you should do when you have accidentally deleted pictures or photos, is to not use the computer at all if you can help it. Because saving files and using the computer, will definitely save over the top of your deleted files.

Even though the files seem to be deleted, they are not actually deleted and till you save something over the top of it. This is how Windows works with its file system. Lucky for you it does not actually delete the file and until it actually needs the space that the deleted file is using.

Sometimes it is better to use a data recovery kit which will almost guarantee that you can recover your files again.

I have lost files in the past, and these such programs to recover the deleted files were not available as they are today.

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