Saturday, December 3, 2011

Backup your computer files

Now days it is just so easy to backup your computer files. In the old days it was a nightmare as even hard drives themselves were not even big. It was crazy to see one simple game needing eight floppy disks to store it on. Oh boy were we keen in those days. I am thankful that those days are over.

In 2011, as technology has developed, most people can easily afford the devices needed to backup your computer files. In fact technology is so cheap, that you could probably backup five other peoples computers as well.

Backup storage devices
Second hard drive installed
You can just simply buy a hard drive and install it as a second hard drive into your desktop computer.
You will need to see if your computer has SATA connections or the older type IDE connections. 

External hard drive
If you have not got yourself an external hard drive yet then what is your excuse?These are great for storing files on and they will not crash when your computer does as they are classed as a separate thing.

USB flash drive
Yes even a mere USB flash drive is OK to use for backup providing that it is big enough to hold your files.
This is best for office files that do not take up too much room.

Online Backup
There are so many online backup services available and many offer 2GB storage free. Mozy online backup is one such company. 

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