Monday, December 5, 2011

Will Android Tablets Take Over The iPad?

I remember way back when we had apple computers and they were really the only decent computer you could get! My school was full of them..Big and ugly computers with green writing on the screen. Apple was dominating the computer world, but then companies like IBM came along and ripped the carpet from under their feet.

Computers with the DOS operating system became popular as they offered more flexible options. After a few years the first Windows software came out. I remember it used to have folders on the screen, which were holding the files. It wasn't very nice to look at, but I guess this is why everyone made a big deal about Windows 95 being released.

Anyway the point of that story is to say that Apple lost their hold on the market back in those days, and I am wondering if they are going to lose their hold on this massive market that they have now?
They are totally dominating sales with iPad 2 but Android tablets are moving in fast!

How are they going to compete against all those companies that have jumped on board, making tablets and using the android operating system? They are working hard to completely annihilate Apple's hold over this tablet PC market.

On the other hand, Apple has already sold computers, iPhones, iPads, and so on to a lot of people. Now they are hooked and know how to use these devices. This could possibly make them stick with these devices and buy them again and again.

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