Saturday, January 14, 2012

Apple TV: Streaming Entertainment To Your Television

If you are looking for big entertainment, it is precisely what you can get with the brand new Apple TV MC572LL/A (NEWEST VERSION), in spite of its compact size. There's a huge number of HD movies you can rent from, together with commercial free TV programs in HD, also. Additionally, you will be able to watch even more films and videos from web sites like Netflix and YouTube. Once you link up Apple TV to the TV using the HDMI cable, you can actually watch pictures or listen to your favorite audio files that are on your personal computer.

The Apple TV has an aluminum remote that's got just seven buttons which gives you the ability to control on what programs you want to see for 99 cents. The shows, which are high-definition and commercial free, are yours to rent, where you can have them for one month, until you hit play, and then you only get them for another 48 hours. On the iTunes store, there are roughly 7000 films with about 3400 titles in HD and many of the new movies show up in the store at the same time as the DVD release. Whether you have a Mac or a Windows PC, your Apple TV can be linked to it, so everything on your computer can go straight to your HDTV by way of the Apple TV.

The latest Apple TV is just a four inch square which is much smaller than it was previously. The Apple TV has an internal power source and can be networked with Ethernet or via wireless-N Wi-Fi. Its small size makes it inconspicuous, and its minimal energy consumption make it silent also. You can control your new Apple TV with the included remote, or use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by using the Remote app, which can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store totally free.

For the most part, customers are extremely pleased with their Apple TV, but there a number of complaints. The two main complaints are the lack of ESPN streaming and the lack of Hulu Plus on the device. Both these services deliver content that is presently unavailable on other services on the Apple TV. People also want to have the ability to access content on their computer with no need to have iTunes running. One more problem for some is that at times once the TV is turned off, the Apple TV won't shut down. Though it isn't a big problem, it's kind of irritating.

Like every product on the market, the Apple TV MC572LL/A has good and bad points. If you can ignore the bad points, the $100 selling price makes it an excellent deal for most people. You need to look at the reviews, look at what it does, and find out if it will do what you want, before you decide to get it.

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