Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moving a Wordpress Website to Another Domain

Learning to build websites is not an easy task and recently, after years of learning, I decided to take that extra risk and move a massively successful website to a new domain. I had some valid reasons for the move and you can see this article about This website is moving.

I am not finished with the move yet as it is a big job, but I have some tips for anyone thinking of doing the same.

1. Make lists and plans on how you are going to move your website to a new domain name. This is the most important step as you do not want to forget anything important. I made a list of urls to redirect, links to change, ebooks to edit, and more.

2. Go to Google webmaster tools and make sure your old domain and new domain are both verified. Then let Google know there is a change of address.

3. Export the website and import it into the new domain. Install your plugins and customize the new site to look like the old one.

4. Redirect each post and page individually. It is not recommended to redirect the entire domain as all visitors will only end up on your home page and not the targeted page with the right content.

If you want to learn more, click on the links above to see the entire details on how to move a website to a new domain.

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