Thursday, August 30, 2012

Windows Azure Under The Hood

Lots of people have stereotyped Microsoft as being the 'less than stellar cloud service provider'. This is a myth. It truly is one of the world's most under-estimated cloud service providers. To the younger age group who were raised having open source languages such as Ruby as well as Python, in addition to popular courses like java training classes, Azure seems to be incapable of taking on languages aside from .NET as well as C#. But that's far from the truth. Microsoft's cloud service has been working with languages like Ruby, Python, PHP and Java for a while now and has achieved a definite level of competence.

Microsoft has actually been moving onward with a goal as a way to identify itself being a top cloud service provider. However the major obstacle it is facing may be the unwillingness of businesses to embrace it though it may be offering excellent services. A popular opinion has been established in the Silicon Valley that Microsoft isn't a cloud service provider and this specific stigma is costing them dearly.

We have witnessed a number of takers for Microsoft's Azure and one of them, Jeremy Howard, is apparently extremely happy with the service. When he first decided on Azure, some people scoffed at him while some even offered to teach him Java (he is amply trained in more than Sixteen development languages). But he states there's nothing like C# and he is completely content to make use of it as even Azure works with JAVA.

Another organization that made a move to Azure was Movideo, a predominantly Java centric corporation. Its President, Tony McGinn stated that despite the fact that there were some initial adjustments needed to adopt their particular services to Azure, it had been worth it. James believed that the adjustment required was more of a manual revamp procedure without much innovation and only following the proven approach.

For that reason, when you're one of those particular young guys who've taken on Python, Ruby, .NET and java development programs and looking for a cloud service provider, don't forget to take a good and unbiased look at Microsoft's Azure before you make the last decision.

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