Friday, September 28, 2012

Building Your First Wordpress Website

Back in the old days, creating your own website was just unheard of. You needed a full qualified website designer that charged the earth for their services. Now days we are lucky because anyone can build a website for well under $100.

When I say this to people they are shocked! Sometimes they do not even believe me. It is all because of the free content management systems available and the fantastic themes and tools that come with them..

The absolute best content management system to use and of course the most popular is WordPress. You can still make mistakes building your first website but WordPress still makes it as simple as it possibly could be.

Here is a video tutorial showing how to install a WordPress website in under 5 mins. This is after buying web hosting to host your website. choosing a top web hosting company is very important. I have Hostgator.
When building your first website there are many Youtube video tutorials such as this one to help you succeed and get your website up and running.

For example, after installing WordPress you need to customize some settings.
And what about installing a WordPress theme? 

Now you can see how building your first website is not so hard. 

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