Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How Can You Make Your Smart Devices Safe From Spying Hackers

Many people have mobile phones, tablet computers, and other devices now days. The problem is that this technology is moving so fast, people are not keeping up by keeping their device safe.

People store everything on a mobile phone now days. Precious photos, phone numbers, addresses, and even home movies. Imagine if this device got into the wrong hands?

Here are some things you can do to make you smart device a bit safer! 
  1. Protect each unit with a strong password and change it periodically.
  2. Download the free Avast Android security software.
  3. Refrain from downloading games and applications that don’t disclose what they will have access to on your device.
  4. Download from trusted sources only.
  5. Scan the device periodically for malware.  This can be done with the antivirus software on your PC.
  6. Get the ability to trace your stolen or lost mobile device.
  7. If possible, install a local firewall on the device.
  8. Adjust the idle time-out to lock the unit when not in use.
  9. Never “jailbreak” the device (removing manufacturer’s preset limitations) since doing so can make the unit even more vulnerable to malware.
  10. If this unit supports tracking, activate its GPS (global positioning system).  This will enable you to find the unit if misplaced.
  11. Encrypt your network when using Wi-Fi, get access through a VPN connection, or surf in a traffic-encrypted environment.
  12. Set Bluetooth devices to “non-discoverable” mode.
  13. Enable tablet security by utilizing AES 128/256-bit encryption and have a backup copy of all data stored on another secured unit.
  14. Use a remote-wiping feature on a unit if you should lose it.
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My ipad has a remote wiping feature which is really cool if someone steals it. 

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